Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ben Davies picks football over rugby

Wales and Swansea left back Ben Davies took full advantage of Neil Taylor's ankle exploding and has made the position his own...until Taylor comes back that is. Anyway did you know he could have played rugby instead? You did? SHUT UP!

Only three years ago Ben had to make the decision between rugby and football. The decision must have been a hard one. Have big, fat, sweaty man stamping on you or make loads of money kicking a football around. Ben was the fly-half for his school and reckons he had a decent shot at making it in rugby. His school team made it to the final of the Welsh schools cup but they lost - pah! LOSERS! I actually used to play rugby as well. I stopped playing when I realised I wasn't going to grow anymore and couldn't be arsed working out at the gym. That is dedication people!

Ben is of course the second most famous Ben Davies after the Hollyoaks character. Where on Earth is he now? I suppose the career of a Hollyoaks actor doesn't offer much. Appear on Hollyoaks - hit 30 - too old - go to Coronation street - too shit -go to job centre - never be seen again.