Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ben Arfa is injured

Just when Newcastle thought things couldn't get much worse for injuries, Hatem Ben Arfa has been ruled injured by a computer.

Quite easily the best player Newcastle have had in years, Ben Arfa is also responsible for about 90% of the creativity the team actually has so losing him for a few matches is going to have an adverse effect o Alan Pardew's side, who are currently on what scientists have called "a losing streak".  Pardew might have to buy some players:
"We look weak with the injuries we've sustained and we may need to bring in a player or two next month," said Pardew. "We're in the market, as I'm sure a few other clubs will be too. I think there'll be movement in this window."
I just hope he doesn't get tricked on the way to the market by some guy who sells him magic beans instead of a new striker, or even worse, a Fernando Torres.  I would buy Fernando Torres if I could afford him. Then he could live in my house and be my friend.  He'd be happy that way.