Monday, 17 December 2012

Barcelona want Thibaut Courtois

Football Manager wonder star Thibaut Courtois has been at Chelsea for about 5 minutes since they signed him, and his current stint at Atletico Madrid has convinced Barcelona that he is their future number one.

Because eventually Victor Valdes will die, as is the great flaw of most modern goalkeepers, Barca will require a top class goalie to replace him and honour the legacy he leaves behind.  Vilanova has been playing FM12 a lot recently so knows just how good Courtois eventually becomes and according to some rumours has made some inquisitive noises about signing the Belgian so there you go.  If only all signings, and indeed life, were based on computer games, the world would be much easier.  Especially if when you ran people over the police only arrested you if someone saw it or if you did it multiple times.  If that were the same in real life I'd be a lot less worried right now