Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Andy Carroll maybe attacked a photographer outside Burger King

Hugely successful striker Andy Carroll is recovering from injury at the moment and that's why he was sent to Ireland to get drunk, go to Burger King and then try and gouge a photographer's eye out.  Oh wait - he wasn't sent there at all!  The old switcharoo

The on-loan West Ham player was out for some reason or another in Dublin when freelance photographer Paddy Cummins spotted him.  Some security guards he'd taken with him weren't too keen on the Premier League athlete being snapped eating and so when he eventually came out they didn't stop the striker ALLEGEDLY clawing at the guy's face to get photos.  From The Independent:
“A West Ham security guard came over to me and asked me not to take photographs.
“I told him I was just doing my job, but when I moved, he blocked my view,”
“Once I started taking shots, he got out of rickshaw and just went at me.
There can't be too many more menacing sights than a well built, six foot-something, pissed metal fan getting out of a vehicle powered by another human.  Until you remember the pony tail. And that he looks like Pot Noodle carried out animal testing on him.

He goes on to describe the rest of the encounter:
“I remember him saying, ‘Get the camera’. I went backwards and I was over on the far side of the street. There was at least one security guard between me and him at that point. 
“Next thing I was on my back on the ground next to Burger King and he was still grabbing for my camera.
“I could feel his hand coming across my face, and his fingers digging into my eye. I started screaming, ‘My eyes, my eyes’.” 
Police in Ireland are now investigating the claims.  It must really suck being an elite athlete and not be able to enjoy a humble Whopper whenever you want, but it must also suck being someone whose job it is to take photos of someone outside a Burger King.  Unless it's of a crime scene, because that job would be ace.