Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alan Pardew is scared

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has revealed that he is terrified by Newcastle's poor form and doesn't know how it's going to end! MAYBE IT WILL END IN MURDER!

The magpies have really suffered this year as their over performing players succumbed to injury, travel fatigue, lack of training and generally not being *that* good.  Fulham beat them 2-1 last night, to consign Pardew's side to having lost five of their last six games.
"I'm worried in so much as we are not picking up enough points, that is pretty evident," said Pardew.
"The performances against Stoke, Wigan and today have improved, but it is a worry we don't have enough points."
The only reason they beat Wigan is because they only had 10 players for most of the game, and Stoke don't count so much as a football team as they do an event in Gladiators so this isn't really good news.