Sunday, 4 November 2012

Zlatan likes Kung-fu

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a little bit mental. He was sent off yesterday for a karate kick on the St Etienne goalkeeper.

That picture pretty much sums up why he got a red card. That is Zlatan's boot heading straight for the goalkeeper's chest. You may notice that there is no ball. Knowing full well that he would get sent off, he tried the "pretending to be injured so I don't get a red card" trick, but that never works.

Ruffier is just another recipient of the infamous Zlatan karate kick. Did you know that Zlatan kicked down the Berlin wall? In his spare time he helps out the emergency services, kicking down doors for police raids and kicking through car doors to save people hurt in car accidents. But with great power comes great responsibility, a lesser man would be tempted to use his karate powers to break into bank vaults or kill Mitt Romney. Instead Zlatan kicks people like Cassano in the head, then laughs.

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