Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Whoever isn't President should be the next Scotland manager

Craig Levein is dead, long live his successor who is rumoured to be either Gordon Strachan, Joe Jordan, Fabien Barthez or Mitt Romney/Barack Obama.  I've made a couple of those up.

As Jack pointed out in an earlier article, whoever takes Levein's job has a pretty much pointless task of navigating Scotland through their qualifying group and no matter how well he does there's not much that can be done for the lost points thus far and that kinda sucks.  Whoever inherits this role would have to help stop a downturn in young talent coming through and stabilise the entire nation.  Should the FA appoint someone like Obama, imagine how ace we'd be?  Man that would be amazing.  Sure he might arguably promote the wrong kind of immigration and lazy people who live off benefits because they're too busy to get a job because they're doing crack and having children shouldn't get an awful lot of support, but imagine the alternative?  Someone who believes Jesus visited America.  Mitt Romney really believes that btw

And that is my thinly disguised call to arms for any Americans who read FitbaThatba and haven't voted yet

Mitt Romney as Scotland manager would be funny so I'd also like this.