Monday, 5 November 2012

The return of Gazza

Paul Gascoigne is usually referred to as a "great character of the game", which really just means that he's fucking crazy. Every now and then he tries to get back into the game, that time is now.

Gazza's level of craziness swings between being a big drunken clown, to full on going fishing with wanted murderer Raoul Moat bat-shit crazy. Now not so mental, he's planning on getting a hip operation and doing his coaching badges to coach children at League One team Bournemouth, right.

I'll never forget being glued to BBC and Sky News 24 to watch the Raoul Moat/police stand-off and I don't think I'll ever forget laughing so hard that I thought I might piss myself, when Gazza arrived. For a second I thought I must be watching Brass Eye. If you ever need a negotiator  why not phone up Gazza? If a gunman cannot be tempted to stand down by a can of lager, some chicken, a fishing rod, a Newcastle shirt and a dressing gown, then I don't know what works.