Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Europavision song cup sucks

By now I think we are all in agreement that the Europa League/Uefa Cup is just about the stupidest cup of all time. The clubs earn hardly any money, it absolutely destroys their limited playing squads and no-one enjoys playing in it.  Now Uefa are going bin it!  YAAAAY!

The only time that the UEFA cup was good was when Aberdeen finally made it into Europe a few seasons ago, and the only reason this was good was because EVERYONE hates having to watch Motherwell four times a season.  IT'S REALLY BORING.  Now teams like Spurs, Liverpool and Newcastle who could probably do half a job in the Champs league anyway, have to get all their players injured and not qualify for the 'real' european league next season, or they play their children, lose and look stupid.  Michel Platini said:
The Europa League is super lame and everyone can have free ice cream sandwiches if they do 'the crab dance' right now, at their work place.
What a great day for everyone!!!!!  DO THE CRAB DANCE CRAB DANCE CRAB DANCE