Friday, 2 November 2012

Something about Alex Ferguson, referees and racism

Alex Ferguson has leapt to the defence of Mark Clattenburg in the wake of Chelsea's claim that he was very racist to one of their players.  IT'S GETTIN HOT IN HERE

The Manchester United manager was asked about the situation with the referee during the match and had this to say:
"I don't believe he would make comments like that," said Ferguson. "I refuse to believe it. It's unthinkable."
"I've never had a player come to me in the last 15 years and say a referee swore in a game - ever."
I'm pretty bad at online betting but I'd be willing to put a good amount of money on that he didn't say anything - if he did it's obviously very serious but I'm just saying that he probably didn't.  It's like how if a stripper stole my wallet then it would be very serious but if I tell everyone instead that I left it on the bus that's fine and you just assume that's what happened.  But who's laughing now?  Ha ha ha ha hah a!

Actually probably the stripper.  I had like all of my credit cards in there