Saturday, 3 November 2012

Some guy on Reddit bet €27000 on Man Utd v Arsenal

The evil gambling monster Gamblor almost took another life today as some guy on the internet bet €27000 on the Man United vs Arsenal game being over 2.5 goals.  Clever

The guy, _idiot, posted this thread and eventually won the bet after Santi Cazorla scored with THE LAST KICK OF THE GAME.  If he hadn't already shot himself five minutes before full time then he's probably quite happy right now.  He said:
Bet was Over 2.5 Goals @ 4/6 - 100% of my bankroll
I immediately regretted the decision. I feel sick.
EDIT: I placed the bet because this whole sports betting thing has been stressing me the fuck out. I have broken even for the last 3 months, and then this week I am down 4,000€ - I thought fuck it and go for a big one to win my money back and then some.
I am a huge sucker for chasing losses
Various responders offered advice such as 'get help immediately' and links to various gambling addiction clinics as it became somewhat apparent that this game was going to end 2-0.  Which would have been bad.  United did their best to force him towards the grave by missing a penalty and RVP a one on one but then finally with the very last kick of the match, Cazorla smashed it in from 18 yards.

I would say that betting that much on a game of football is retarded, but this guy is totally rich now so what do I know?  Maybe if I do the same thing on the Sunderland score today it will work for me too......  Millionaire city, here I come!