Monday, 5 November 2012

Robert Mancini is patient

Despite having the ability to buy almost any player in the world that he wants at any time, Roberto Mancini is adamant that it will take a few years for City to win in Europe.

The fruit pastille loving Italian has said that people shouldn't expect too much too soon from Manchester City:
“Chelsea tried for 10 years to win it. If we win our next three games then fantastic, anything can happen. But the road is very long.
Yeh well you know what else is long?  The intro to The Wire, really long string, large vehicles and Shane Long.

Baby that long long long long long

So I think Man City might win the Champions League once they stop playing people like Gareth Barry and James Milner.  Those sound like the names of people who win trophies for wrestling in the 40s.