Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Robert Earnshaw is scared he might be blown up by missiles

Robert Earnshaw, Welsh striking extra-ordinate, is currently that terrified that he might literally die at any minute after watching some missiles blow up directly above his training ground.  Did I mention he lives in Israel just now?  I should mention that bit

There's some stuff going on in Israel just now and I know that because I read the news today.  Oh my god don't you read the news?  There's this war going on between Gaza (not Paul Gascoigne) and some jewish people and Israel and stuff is blowing up everywhere.  Earnshaw plays for Tel Aviv and has said:
"They say virtually every missile thrown into Tel Aviv is intercepted, but there is always that chance one or two might come through or whatever," 
"We were training, just about to start training and we saw the interceptors - because you don't know where the rockets are launched from - go directly in the sky.
"It was literally right above us and they sort of blew up in mid-air. 
Earnshaw is currently side-lined with a hamstring injury but I can't help but feel that a good footballing decision he could make right now would be to FUCKING MOVE AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  FUCKING RUN THERE ARE MISSILES ABOVE YOUR HEAD THAT'S NOT COOL MATE

I also haven't ruled out the possibility that America is actually firing missiles at Robert Earnshaw because they think he's that thing that escaped from Area 51