Friday, 16 November 2012

Retired footballer subbed off for his 5 year old son

There are only a few men in the world that can say something is cute and not be called gay: Ryan Gosling, the President, war heroes, the cast of Band of Brothers and gay people.  But this is definitely the cutest video I've seen since ever

In his last ever game for his club before he retired from the sport, and with his team already losing 4-1, 'Player whose name I can't pronounce' saw his number held up at the 65th minute mark and tagged out for his five year old son.  It was very nice, but even cooler was how the other team let the wee boy run up the pitch, pretending to tackle him and falling over until eventually he managed to score on his debut.  What hilarity, and how sweet.

One thing to note from this video is that if I took out the bit about the boy being five, the resulting footage could quite easily be described as panic defending in the SPL, and another thing to note is that already this kid is better than Emile Heskey.  Australia doesn't count.