Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rangers win a court case, maybe didn't have to be liquidated

Please bear with me when I explain that I understand about 10% of all this Rangers tax stuff but according to the news, Rangers won some big court case about all that money they were supposed to owe. Is this good?  I really have no idea

Don't get too excited, sports fans, for Sevco are still confined to the gross depths of the Scottish Third Division and that's not likely to change anytime soon, or at least it won't until the SPL inevitably finds a way to automatically promote them.  So now it turns out they weren't *really* completely cheating yet the club has been liquidated?  And relegated?  This is like finding out that the guy your ex left you for turned out to be a total no-hope waster and he sucks, and she got fat and you wouldn't even touch her now and she could have just stayed with you this whole time and you could have been happily married instead!  Ha ha!  AHahaa aha a  ahahahahaah! Ah hahah ah ahaahahahah OH GOD I'M SO LONELY