Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pep will wait for Man Utd

Pep Guardiola is still unemployed and living with his parents. Things will remain this way until Alex Ferguson dies, according to my sources.

Benitez will probably last a few weeks at Chelsea and it's believed that Abramovic will throw all manner of luxurious items at Pep to try and get him to sign -like lemon Source shower gel and slippers. However Pep is only interested in signing for Manchester United said some guy who probably doesn't exist.

I thought Mourinho wanted the Manchester United job? Perhaps they will have a fight to the death? Or a penalty shootout, I've heard Mourinho loves a stint in goals. Maybe they can settle the who's a better manager debate by playing Football Manager. Both have to go Halifax town, the first won to win the Champions League is the winner.

Sky are currently trying to get me excited about Aston Villa Vs Reading, they are going to have to try harder than this.