Monday, 5 November 2012

NZ PM slags off D-Beck

How dare you! John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand has called David Beckham, "thick as bat shit". Where's the Daily Mail's hate campaign?

For some reason it was actually on a trip to a school in Auckland when John Key insulted poor David. "Handsome, a really nice guy - but thick as bat shit" - is how John Key described him. In fairness that is accurate but let's look at Beckham.

Now John Key

Yeah, he definitely doesn't give a fuck. There can't be much to do for the PM of New Zealand. I actually met the mayor of Invercargill last year and ended up getting drunk on free wine and singing "you look wonderful tonight" with him at a Rugby World Cup art exhibition. That's New Zealand politics folks.

When asked if he really did say that, he said "That is someone that thinks they have overheard a conversation I have had, I am not going to engage in that because otherwise I am engaging in every conversation that someone thinks I have.' Which is a really long-winded politician's way of saying, "yes I did say that."