Monday, 26 November 2012

Neil Lennon says he will quit

Neil Lennon is very professional and that's why he regularly gets very angry with supporters and throws tantrums, like this week where he's decided that he will run away if they want him to!  You're so unfair!  God!!!!!!!!

Like Jack pointed out earlier, Celtic have absolutely no challenge in the SPL now that Rangers are gone and it must be a really challenging thing to motivate the Celtic players.  Apart from the fact that they should comfortably win every game they play and their wage bill is about 10 times of that every other club and they have all the best players there's just no real need for the players to try and their home form has been shite.  Lennon said:
"I understand supporters' frustrations," he said. "If they're not happy with me and want me to go, I'll go, simple as that."
But they do want him to and he hasn't gone, so this is a lie.  This is like when my girlfriend says 'if you ever try and call me again I will phone the police' but she never does because I still have a key and can watch her sleep at night.  Life can be so beautiful sometimes.  When I say girlfriend I think I mean neighbour.