Friday, 23 November 2012

Mark Hughes is sacked!

Great timing by QPR chairman Tony Fernandes as he today attempted to sneak through the sacking of Mark Hughes and almost certain subsequent hiring of Harry Redknapp WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING

QPR released this statement about 10 minutes ago:
"The circumstances we find ourselves in have left the board of directors with very little choice but to make a change,"
"The board will now be working actively to put a new managerial structure in place as soon as possible."
That 'managerial structure' has reportedly been in place now for about two weeks while QPR waited for a sign that they should get rid of Hughes, who I can't remember having ever signed someone actually good.  The best player he bought while in charge of anyone was Robinho and I don't think he even knew that was happening.  With a massive transfer budget to spend over a whole summer, Hughes successfully managed to win 0 games so far this term and actually only avoided relegation by goal difference or something last season.  So well done to you, sir!

If he'd have been in charge of a McDonalds it would be the equivalent of hiring people who were fired for fraud from the oil industry and then not understanding why none of them actually tried when he asked them to make burgers.