Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mark Clattenburg case dropped

This is a surprise! The case against the professional referee has been dropped because "there is no evidence".

Not a problem when it comes to starting a religion, but a problem when it comes to the law. If you accuse someone of being racist, having evidence usually helps, saying you do not speak English does not.

No victim came forward and there was no evidence presented, yet Clattenburg wasn't allowed to referee for three weeks and somehow this was a huge story.
"I'd like to report a murder"
"Who is the victim?"
"There isn't one"
"But he was killed by Sir Trevor McDonald"
"Where's your evidence?"
"There is none."
"That's good enough for me. Throw him to the lions!"

Chelsea are doing a Liverpool this year and really trying their best to make everyone hate them. I'm sure Clattenburg saw the funny side. Trying to ruin someone's reputation and career, ha! What a hoot and a holler.