Thursday, 15 November 2012

Man City are going to buy Luis Suarez

Because sometimes having four of the world's best strikers isn't quite enough, Manchester City are set to pay Liverpool £40million in January for Premier League top scorer, Luis Suarez.  HA ha ah a aa

Now I might not be very good at football betting but I would think the odds on Liverpool finishing in a Champions League spot this year are probably quite low right now.  Or high.  Whichever is worse, is what I mean here.  With no strikers on their books aside from the 90% useless Borini, Liverpool's strategy in future matches is likely to be '?' unless this is all nonsense, like Brendan Rodgers claims.
There will be no bidding war. Luis Suarez is staying here."
Well that may be, Brendan, but where did the rumours come from?  Exactly.  There's no smoke without fire!  Unless it's a from a smoke machine.  Speaking of which, I really hope that building I walked past last night was a particularly atmospheric disco.  The flames did seem quite realistic but I couldn't tell if it was fire because of all the screaming.  Shut up ladies, I'm trying to listen!