Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lampard off to China?

There are reports coming through that Frank Lampard is off to join the other ex Chelsea players in China, because there is much treasure to be found. Really?

Maybe they got confused with him going for a Chinese? You know, because he's fat LOL. I wish I was as fat as Frank Lampard, despite being hideously fat, he has the appearance of a very athletic sportsman.

Why is everyone going to China? Footballers are millionaires regardless, and no matter who goes they will never convince anyone outside the country to bother watching. I can't even be fucked to watch Scottish football and I live here. My interest in the Chinese league ranks somewhere between who is shagging who in TOWIE, and where Donald Trump buys his wigs from.

Rumour is he will be offered £250k a week to eat those gross fertilised eggs and maybe score a few goals. The downside is you have to live in China and not the UK. I'm just joking but I shouldn't say too much, they are going to take over the world soon. I for one welcome our Chinese overlords...