Monday, 26 November 2012

Joey Barton is French now

Having been abroad SEVERAL times, I feel rather cultured.  I've been to lots of different countries yet still my accent is totally stupid and native English speakers struggle to understand me.  I haven't picked up any European accent at all.  Joey Barton has.

If you remember that Steve Mclaren video where he speaks English as though he is foreign to the language, that's what Joey Barton's sort of done here.  He is, how you say, talking the words how someone with intermediate grasp of the grammar and sentence structure might.

In his defence at least he's trying to get people to understand him by not using a thick Liverpool accent in French press conferences - it's difficult enough to understand as a native English speaker.  As for girls, they should never use thick scouse accents because they make me feel like I'm only being chatted to so her cousin can steal my hubcaps outside.  I've foiled your dastardly plan, wench!