Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hulk's sister is kidnapped

Brazil and Zenit St Petersburg star player Hulk has some bad news after police revealed that they think his sister might be kidnapped but they're not really sure.  I'd like to think this is the kind of thing those guys can figure out.

Having recently completed a £32million move to the Russian club this summer, Hulk will probably be pretty distressed by the news from his native Brazil where his sister might be.  Police said:
"We are investigating, there are indications that it could be a kidnapping, but we still don't know for sure,"
Hmm.  Various newspapers also have a picture of Hulk girl version and she looks like that:

I wouldn't kidnap that to be honest.  You could get a way hotter girl if you tried.  Christ, my girlfriend is hotter and she's not even under duress anymore.  Some people have said it's Stockholm Syndrome, but she's from Greece so that's not possible.  Idiots!  What do you know about kidnapping?

But yeh hopefully she hasn't been kidnapped because they do that in Brazil, quite a lot.

The World Cup should be fun.