Friday, 16 November 2012

Harry Redknapp will be the new QPR boss

With it becoming increasingly clearer that Mark Hughes doesn't really know what he's doing, QPR have reportedly already agreed a deal with old melty face himself, Harry Redknapp to take charge!  Scandal!

Bookies odds are already quite short so if you want to make some money from online betting I'd suggest backing Redknapp quite quickly and if there's one thing I know about gambling it's that I'm shit at it.

The wheeler dealer has been out of managerial work for a little while now and since this job is in London I have decided that it makes perfect sense.  Taking charge of that club is going to be like filtering through a box of old toys to find ones that aren't broken, chewed or really lame.   Shaun Wright-Philips would be like one of those wishing troll things you get, or half an action man.  Was there a black action man?  Blacktion man.  I should be writing this down, it's gold.