Monday, 19 November 2012

Di Matteo is already under pressure

Roberto Di Matteo was having the time of his life this summer - he'd just won the Champions League, he had a permanent job at a massive club and his new signings were tearing up the the opening weeks of the Premier League.  Now it's winter he's not good enough!

Roman Abramovich has already started to tighten the metaphorical vice around the Chelsea 'hot seat' and Di Matteo's position is already under threat with the blues only winning 3 out of their last 7 matches!  There are confirmed reports that the Italian went absolutely tits at his players after they lost to West Brom but tbd it's not really Di Matteo's fault so much as it's Fernando Torres' fault.  That guy just doesn't know what's going on at all and it's also probably not his fault either seeing as Abramovich is permanently convinced that he'll turn out amazing one day.  It's like putting wings on a car and hoping it will fly when you push it over a cliff because you saw it on the internet once.  All you actually get is a car that doesn't work at all.  And a murder trial that takes foreeeeeever.