Tuesday, 20 November 2012

David Beckham wants one more challenge

David Beckham has revealed that he will leave LA Galaxy when his contract expires in January or February.  Whenever the MLS season finishes.  He wants one more challenge!

Imagine that photo was of one of your mates.  You'd absolutely HATE him, wouldn't you?  You'd think 'what is wrong with you man?!  Stop doing that!' and he'd try and wear a scarf indoors.  YOU SHOULDN'T WEAR A SCARF INDOORS.  People in France might not mind however, and PSG have sort of announced that they want to sign him, if only for the £££££££££££££ in shirt revenue he'd generate and it seems sensible enough.  The French league is actually interesting now there's some money behind it but he could also move to Australia or China.  In Australia everything is upside down and you live in fear of kangaroos while in China they poo on the street and eat white people.  And that is just science, my friends.