Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Darren Ferguson hates partying

Footballers are humans too, and just like lots of ordinary people they enjoy socialising with other humans.  It's a natural human want.  NOT IF YOU PLAY FOR PETERBOROUGH!

Four players went out on the town on Saturday evening and when manager Darren Ferguson found out, he went absolutely tits.  All four received two week fines, including record club signing, 'guy I've never heard of' and all four of them moaned about it.  A couple of them were like "waaaaaaah but I wasn't drinking" and Darren Ferguson was all "Peterborough is serious business guys - don't you realise?!" and then he looked all mean.

And then he phoned his Dad to ask him what to do next.  Or I assume he did.  That must be the elephant in the room every single time he tries to tell someone off for shoddy work - "go and get yer dad, son".  Well, at least that's what happens everytime I try and explain to a mechanic what is wrong with my car