Monday, 5 November 2012

Craig Levein is gone, Scotland says "too late"

He's gone! Finally the miserable, Harry Potter hatchet-man has gone. It's too late and we aren't going to Brazil and the next manager will be equally as shite, but he's gone!

Scotland have won 3 competitive games out of 12 under Craig Levein and already our hopes of qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil have gone, but we are Scottish so we will just do what we always do- get drunk and moan. It's reckoned that sacking Levein will cost the SFA £700,000 but let's pretend that isn't real money.

I'm not convinced the next man will do any better but he surely can't be any worse. Hopefully the next manager won't act like a paranoid ned who's smoked too much pot and is convinced everyone is out to get them. All we ask for is our best team available to be played, for their to be a positive attitude and to try and win games. Craig Levein is the kind of person who would win the lottery but still live in his council house, drive a Ford Mondeo and spend his free time watching Emmerdale, "I dah like to be flash".

Pep Guardiola is free, think of the football he got Iniesta/Xavi/Messi playing. Imagine what he could do with D-Fletch, Charlie Adam and Steven Fletcher? We'd almost definitely beat Macedonia.