Saturday, 10 November 2012

Competition time! Win a t-shirt on our treasure hunt

If you would like to win a red or blue FitbaThatba t-shirt like in the picture below you have an opportunity to do both!  


You must scour the internet on our mystery magical EXTREME TREASURE HUNT to find a certain article about Owen Hargreaves on Then you have to leave a comment below and someone will be picked at random to win one.  You will find more details when you find the article!


You must leave a comment on any of our 'The Fitba Team' videos on YouTube.  The comment must tell everyone how much you love a footballer from the 98/99 Premier League season and I'll get my Dad to choose his favourite player from that season.  The game here is that any duplications throughout the videos by other people will mean that you can't win.  It has to be a player that no-one else has said.  Does that make sense?  Hopefully.

And that's our internet treasure hunt thing.  The second one isn't really a hunt but whatever.  We'll see how this goes and if no-one finds it then we'll do something else instead.

Oh and remember you can actually buy these things if you like from HERE