Thursday, 1 November 2012

Clattenburg is too geordie to be racist

The Mark Clattenburg racism scandal has developed some more with Chelsea arguing that referees' microphones should be broadcast, Juan Mata not knowing anything about being called a Spanish twat, and now the revelation that players maybe misheard the ref because his accent is too thick.

We all know racism is bad so if these allegations are true it's pretty massive that a referee is charged with having done the racism.  David Luiz and Ramires both claim that they heard Clattenburg say 'shut up, monkey' to John Obi Mikel and I just find that incredibly hard to believe.  I mean, really?  Do people actually say that?  Would a referee, with a microphone, on a massive televised game really do that?  It just seems too ridiculous to me.  If he did then he's a real dick.

There is 'a growing concern' however that Clattenburg's retort to Mikel may actually have been 'shut up, Mikel' and because Ramires hardly speaks any English at all he could well have misheard the referee.  Sideshow Bob has backed up his countryman's claims however so the racism argument rolls on like the ugliest train I've ever seen.  And I once saw Thomas the Tank Engine being melted.

The worst part about this whole thing is that no-one really wins.  Except anti-racism.  I think.  Either Clattenburg is proven innocent and his career is forever tainted with this sour incident, crowd chants and comedy references aplenty, OR Chelsea are found to be correct and a club with a racist captain win browny points.  Which is about the worst choice of words I could have used there.