Sunday, 4 November 2012

City want Neymar

Neymar is quite good, because of this pretty much every club in the world want to buy him. Roberto Mancini has put the request through to the bosses upstairs and wants £50m to bid for him this summer.

That is a creepy waxwork that was made for him, as some kind of backhanded compliment. It looks like Michael Jackson had sex with a barbie doll, then the disgusting half-Jacko, half-plastic doll hybrid baby was beaten up by Chris Brown.  Neymar said previously that he wants to stay in Brazil until the World Cup in 2014. After checking my Cliff Richard calender, it would appear that it's only 2012 so if he's not lying, then it will be a while until you can buy him.

As we previously stated, there are other rumours that Barcelona have already struck a deal for the forward. Football is 99% rumour so Mancini is going to make a big anyway in January. Neymar already has the most outrageous collection of YouTube goals ever seen. I hope he doesn't move to England, a swift hoof up the arse from Rob Huth and we won't see a rainbow flick ever again.