Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chelsea are the worst at apologies

Chelsea tried to ruin Mark Clattenburg's reputation. He was found not guilty and probably due an apology, but Chelsea don't do apologies.

"The club regrets not having given more consideration before issuing a statement on the evening of Sunday 28 October. The club also regrets the subsequent impact the intense media scrutiny had on Mark Clattenburg and his family."
That's close enough I guess. Nobody likes to apologise, there is nothing worse than realising you have been a  completey wrong about something and made to look like a gigantic penis. A "line has been drawn" under the incident. I wonder who get's to draw the line? How do you apply for that job?

Mark will be welcomed back with open arms to Stamford Bridge but I guarantee he still gets booed. Hopefully he will give the other team a ghost goal, hopefully an actual ghost will appear to haunt John Terry from now until the day he dies. I don't mean like a scary ghost, just an annoying one that turns off his alarm clock or turns up the heat under his baked beans to ruin his dinner. What I've written is utter nonsense, racists don't eat baked beans.