Monday, 19 November 2012

Carlos Tevez has a big wage slip

This picture of Carlos Tevez's wage slip seems to have leaked online in the last couple of days so if you want to know what it would be like to receive a footballer's payslip, here's your chance

It's probably a hoax, and the info on the slip does say that it's from the 08/09 season which is the season before Tevez actually joined City, but what is interesting regardless, is that he lives in Macclesfield.  That's like the most unexciting place I could imagine him staying.  When I think of Tevez I think he'd inhabit a large cave, a crashed space ship or a small deserted island where he can feast off the prey that lives there but then again, I guess your home is what you make it. So if you happen to live in Macclesfield and get eaten while in Primark it's your own fault.  You've had your warning now.