Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bristol City's manager is nice

Some Bristol City fans were left stranded after their game at Birmingham recently because some assholes had slashed their tyres.  Luckily for them manager Derek McInnes was on hand to give them £300.

Nice guy Derek gifted the cash to the travelling fans because he also wanted to get out of Birmingham as fast he possibly could because it's fucking horrible there.  I've played two gigs there and both times it looked like someone had built the entire city around a shopping centre.  I saw two mullets within the first twenty minutes.

Anyway, the supporters' minibus was slashed and the was given as a way to help pay for fixing it and for taxis and things like that:
"Given the fact there were 17 of them, we couldn't get them on the team bus, so everyone in the squad got together to help out and give them an option of catching the train or taxis home.
And I think that is a very nice story.  It reminds me of this one time I lent my friend a tenner and he didn't pay me back this week yet HINT HINT