Thursday, 1 November 2012

Brendan Rodgers hates Joe Cole

Liverpool lost to Swansea in the Milk Cup last night and now that it's an important trophy since it delivered two of the best games on tv ever in a row, Brendan Rodgers is mad.  With Joe Cole.  Because he sucks.

Joe's career, like many, took a massive spitfire nose dive into the ground when he joined Liverpool after sitting on the bench for Chelsea a few times too often.  Afforded a golden opportunity in the cup last night, Joe decided to instead impress everyone with how awful he could be.  From The Sun:
“The club have invested an astronomical amount of money on a talented player and Joe had the opportunity. 
“He has been back fit a couple of weeks and his opportunities have been limited but you have to see. 
“I thought it was difficult for him. It was too slow and it wasn’t what I would expect from a team I tried to set up to be dynamic.
You've ruined it Joe!  You've ruined it forever!  I remember when Joe Cole was going to be the best player ever and Man United wanted him and then he even scored that awesome goal in a world cup from 30 yards and everyone thought he was ace but then again, I also remember when Woolworths was open.  I also remember when he jumped out of window to escape being beaten up by Keeley Hazel's boyfriend.