Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bobby Zamora doesn't like football

Lord of the goombas, Bobby Zamora has revealed that the minute he retires from football he's getting the hell out of there because he doesn't like it.

The current QPR striker could be forgiven for saying:
'I’m not a massive football fan, really,'
'Quite a lot more players than let on are the same.' 
I don’t watch games on an evening or anything like that. 'A lot of people find it strange.'
Because playing for QPR must be pretty terrible.  From everything I've read, it sounds like players turn up for training, play 5-a-side for a while, go home and hang out then occasionally pretend to try on a weekend when people are watching.  Oh and also never have to worry about money ever again.

So instead of taking up a non-playing football job once he retires, Zamora plans to breed horses by having sex with them.