Thursday, 1 November 2012

Barcelona's finances show Neymar is definitely probably going

Barcelona released financial figures the other day which includes €30million being put aside as a 'definite asset' which everyone already knows is Neymar.

Neymar is contracted to Santos until 2014 and is absolutely amazing.  Barcelona currently have so many good players in their team that there's not really any point bringing the Brazilian in because he'll just force another Ballon D'or nominee out of the starting eleven and that's just greedy.  The 'deal' in Barca's records show a €10million has already been paid to Santos guaranteeing that at any point between now and the end of his contract Barca can either pay Santos €30million for the striker or if they wait until it expires they can pay Neymar €30million.  I wonder which one he'd prefer.

I could also be totally wrong about this.  To be honest I usually am because I barely read most of the stories I write about.  Did you know they found an actual living dinosaur in Bulgaria yesterday?  I thought they all lived in the sewers