Monday, 5 November 2012

Andre Santos got RVP's shirt. At half time

To some, Andre Santos is the worst player they've ever seen in an Arsenal shirt and it is almost unfathomable that he starts on a regular basis, let alone gets a single game.  To other people, Andre Santos is that guy who swapped shirts with his old captain at half time.

Now I don't mean to be harsh, and clearly I'm no pro footballer, but I don't understand what it is Andre Santos is actually good at.  He's Brazilian, so that's good, but he can't defend very well and every time he plays a pass he does so to a member of the opposition.  It's not on purpose - he's not like a double agent or anything, because if he was he would be a double agent for literally every team Arsenal play against.  I just don't get what it is Arsene Wenger thinks he's particularly good at.  There are better left backs all over the place that he could get, and I would be willing to bet about eight youth players who are stronger as a left sided attacker.

Anyway, he got RVP's shirt at half time against Manchester United and Wenger was really mad about it.  So not only is he shit at football, he's also really stupid.  But he's very rich and his job is fun.  So take that, internet guy!  Wait, the internet guy is me!

We're through the looking glass here people