Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Anders Lindegaard wants a gay hero

Anders Lindegaard has rightly pointed out that it's about time homosexuality is tolerated in football because it's a natural human instinct and that someone should make a stand!  SOMEONE SHOULD BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE A STAND!!!!  But not him.  He's not gay by the way

The widely accepted reason that no footballer is openly gay is that football fans are morons and would sing nasty songs and generally make this person's life a lot worse than it used to be.  In 2012 this really shouldn't be an issue and if you can get people thrown out of games for abusing people for being not-white, we must be able to get rid of others who don't understand homosexuality.  I'm all for this gay hero to come forward but I like how Lindegaard had his hot wife with him to make sure everyone knew that he wasn't gay.  Just incase ANYONE wasn't sure

He could also have just been trying to convince one of his Man United teammates that it's totally acceptable to go gay so that he can have his dream threesome.  And tbf, I would probably bang Anders Lindegaard if it meant I got to have a go on his wife afterwards.  That's what that Meatloaf song was about