Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Alan Pardew wants Andy Carroll back

Alan Pardew is starting to show signs of his usual managerial trick which is 'do really well when you first take over and then get teams almost relegated'.  I really hope that isn't the case, but either way he wants Andy Carroll back to help the cause!

The striker famously moved to Liverpool for £35million, which experts are calling "completely retarded".  Pardew doesn't have quite that amount of money to buy him back, and nor would he spend it if he did, but he said:
"He's a Liverpool player and not wanted so at some point he's going to move permanently," said Pardew. "I'd like to think we'll be in the mix for that."
This whole thing just reminds me exactly of when Mr Burns sells the power plant to the Germans, and then buys it back much cheaper because it's clearly broken.  "I think you'll find my offer most unfair"