Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Adam Hammill is nice to paramedics

Paramedics provide a truly amazing and courageous service to people in need and I'd like to just thank them for that.  Current Wolves player Adam Hammill wanted to go one step further than me though, and that's why he attacked two of them, whilst utterly shit faced.

Hammill, currently on loan at Huddersfield, managed to avoid being sent to jail somehow after he assaulted two paramedics outside of a night club that he collapsed inside.  The fact that he himself had been assaulted previous to the incident is relevant, but so perhaps is the "15 pints of lager and several shots" that he had consumed.  That amount of booze is probably enough to get an elephant pissed, let alone an idiot human, and so as the paramedics tried to put him in a wheel chair his immediate response was to attack them, leaving one (a girl no less!) with a bleeding nose.

I bet that taught her!  Am I right lads?  OI OI BANTER!

But seriously that really sucks, and he says he's embarassed about it.  So I think we all learned a lesson today.  Adam learned not to physically assault paramedics and I learned the true spirit of Christmas