Friday, 16 November 2012

Abramovich has given up on Torres

Roman Abramovich has apparently finally given up on Fernando Torres and has decided to get a new Fernando Torres in January.  One with an untwistable stomach!

Everyone in the world who has money wants to buy Falcao at the moment because other than Zlatan, he's almost certainly the best striker around.  Not so for £50million flop Torres who is going to be known forever more as 'that guy who isn't very good anymore'.  He's like when you buy a remote control car but don't realise that it can only go 'forward-right' or 'backwards-left' and when you put it on a football pitch you realise what you actually bought was a dildo on a skateboard, and you've been drunk this whole time.

That's a bit of Irvine Welsh for you there.