Friday, 23 November 2012

21 year old student gets Azerbaijan manager job because of Football Manager

I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's ever actually happened, but Football Manager has finally gotten someone an actual management job!  21 year old Vugar Huseynzade is in charge of FC Baku thanks to his PC based CV.

Huseynzade is from Sweden and has reportedly beaten big names like France legend Jean-Pierre Papin to the job, making the whole thing seem slightly weirder than it already was.  Along with some work experience for a sports agency in the USA, the student's CV was otherwise made up of various exploits on Football Manager and this was enough to convince FC Baku that he was their man.  They play in the national stadium of Azerbaijan.

I would say that I regret not applying for this job myself after multiple trophy wins with various teams but as you may remember I gave up Football Manager in 2005, going totally cold turkey after it cheated on me.  Repeatedly.  I have to admit that I have since been drawn back in by unsupportive friends but I think I have enough of a lid on it to not go full retard.  Then again that's what I said about my serial murdering spree.  The fun is in the hunt!