Tuesday, 30 October 2012

World's richest man wants to win La Liga

We all know that money can't buy you everything.  The Beatles told us that it can't buy you love or a dinosaur but it definitely can buy you a La Liga title, and this is what Mexican richman Carlos Slim wants to do!

The world's richest man has grown tired of the Mexican telecom game and wants to try his hand at a sports team.  If anything else, it gives him an excuse to get pissed on Sunday nights.

Atletico Madrid is believed to be the team he wants to buy and with Real Madrid's current debt being so large that it's an actual percentage of Spain's national debt could we be about to witness the wind of change!?  Probably not, but it would be nice to have another team challenging at the top of La Liga.

Of course the real reason that players will flock to whatever club he takes over is that they will finally get to work in a nuclear power plant, although Leo Messi will have to shave his sideburns.