Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wonga want to call it St James Park apparently

Newcastle United ended their sponsorship deal with Virgin Finance early quite recently so that they could sign a new, more lucrative one with Wonga.  They claim they like the name St James Park better.

Wonga have announced that they have no plans to call the stadium 'the Wonga Arena', presumably as a marketing move to stop thousands of people in Newcastle burning their head office down.  Although I like the name 'Wonga Arena' because it sounds like it would be a giant bouncy castle, it clearly detracts slightly from the wonderful history that the ground has at present and the wise people behind the investment have realised that renaming it would be about as clever a move as buying Porsche and calling the Cayenne model, 'soapy tit lesbian shower scene'.  Or basically anything else that might accidentally divert some more traffic to this site.  Seriously the amount of people who find this site while looking for porn is extraordinary.