Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Vincent Kompany denies players think Mancini is s**t

There are a lot of people who argue that Man City won the league in spite of Roberto Mancini last year and not because of him, and to an extent I'd maybe agree.  If Mourinho had been in charge they'd have won the world cup by now. KOMPANY DISAGREES

There are several reports following City's loss to Ajax last week that many players are unhappy with Mancini's tactics - notably Micah Richards who claimed not to understand how a three man defence works.  Kompany denies that this is the case and that he doesn't know where these rumours are coming from!
"As much as I set out in my career to be the best footballer, I would expect journalists to want to tell the truth, and do the job for that reason," said Kompany.
"It's part of the game, and I accept that part of the game. I just wonder where the integrity of some journalists stands when they come out with stories with no foundation whatsoever."
Yes.  And I expect my journalists and football bloggers to have integrity and tell the truth all the time.  Why only the other day I was telling my good friend Batman about that time I had sex with my good friend Batman.......'s sister........'s friend.   Phew that was a close one.  I wouldn't want to piss off Batman