Monday, 15 October 2012

The Premier League might have a winter break

Because Christmas is the most awesome time of year ever everyone should enjoy it, even the people who believe it is still somehow connected with religion.  To extend the lives of footballers everywhere, the FA might give them a break around this joyous time

The other problem with winter is that it snows and that's only useful if you are still at school, a polar bear or live far away enough from work to pretend that you can't make it in.  It cancels a lot of football matches and watching the games absolutely sucks because you have to dress up like a homeless person to watch them.  It's just awful.

The only bad thing about the potential winter break is that Boxing Day and New Years Day football games won't be played and those are always the best because you're about 8 gin and tonics deep by that point in the day.  Oh and also they'd have to scrap FA Cup Replays.
“Similarly, the Football League don’t want to lose the League Cup. It’s a huge source of funding for the Football League and it is a big solidarity play between the leagues. As for the FA, they don’t want to give up replays in the FA Cup, so we all sit down and we all look at each other, but it’s pretty hard for those of us in English football to create that two-week space.
The League Cup is irrelevant because only teams in the Championship actually try and win it but FA Cup replays are the most pointless things since time began.  It's a cup game, just play penalties.  Some teams might lose their big chance to play at Old Trafford but that's their fault for being shit at football.  They should have been better at football.  You don't see me sulking about not getting to play at Pittodrie ever, do you?  I just sneak in at night instead.  I make things happen.  And there's nothing you can do about it, unless you are club officials or the police.  Cheer up guys it's Christmas!  Jeez