Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Fletchers are BACK!

Craig Levein has included both Darren and Steven Fletcher in the Scotland squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Wales and Belgium.  I have nothing else to say other than shrug and point at a watch I don't have

For those of you who don't know, these two players are probably Scotland's best, and the reason they haven't been playing is that Darren Fletcher has a serious poo-related illness and Steven Fletcher hates Craig Levein.  These things are sort of similar.
"Things progressed between myself, this third party, his agent and the boy himself. I got a text saying he was willing to have a chat about it so I called him last night and he was desperate to come back and play.
The romance of football is lost on me when they say that anything is done or discussed through text message.  It's like when the Simpsons started referencing the internet  - they belong in the early 90s, there was no internet to talk about back then - and I think in my brain, the manager drives to the players house and they have a beer and do a manly hand shake.  Then I think that actually I'm older than most famous footballers these days and I'd probably just text them.  Or just ignore contact altogether, but then moan when I'm not invited to things.