Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sunderland buy Scotland's saviour

James McFadden was once Scotland's next big thing. Now he's 29 and just signed for Sunderland as a free agent. What happened?

McFadden should be enjoying the best years of his career but instead he's just kind of driven around to different clubs like a gypsy trying to find work. Usually these players end up back at Rangers or Celtic but I suppose signing for Martin O'Neill is the closest thing without actually doing that.

James is perhaps most famous for scoring that goal against France and when he saved the world from pterodactyls last year. That left foot has saved the world more times than you'll ever know. Remember there was talk of an asteroid heading towards Earth a few years ago? Big Jamesy twatted a ball so hard towards the giant rock that he actually altered it's course. Quite soon that left foot might be required to take care of Donald Trump.